Chris Wittig – Go Home You’re Drunk

Fotoshooting mit DJ Chris Wittig im Einkaufswagen.

Chris Wittig - Go Home You're Drunk Album Cover

Chris Wittig – Go Home You’re Drunk Album Cover

Deejay Chris Wittig discovered his love for electronic music and deejaying at a very young age, when he regularly played at various parties and small events. In 2003, he discovered the mobile disco WM-Sounds, where he achieved his first success as a DJ and gained greater experience over time. At this time, he also met his mentor, “DJ Airsix,” who taught him much about the art of deejaying. At the beginning of 2006, Chris Wittig went on a shopping spree so that he could work with his own equipment. Since then, he has spent almost every day in his studio striving to improve his technique and mixing. Meanwhile, he owns and works exclusively with the latest state-of-the-art Pioneer equipment. Over the past few years, Chris Wittig has worked in a succession of discos and other trendy venues, and since 2008, his bookings at renowned, large-scale clubs, both throughout Austria and beyond, have steadily increased. Chris Wittig has also broken into the field of producing, and his first releases are eagerly anticipated in 2010/11.

Referenzen: Bollwerk Entertainment Group (AUT), Discocenter MCM (AUT), WM-Sounds Mobile Disco Austria (Tour ’11, ’10, ’09, ’08, ’07), Radio Kronehit (Events, Discos & Live Radio Sets) and many more…

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